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EnDouceur uses the unique DermoLissage Technology

The newest EnDouceur device is using the latest, patented technology called DermoLissage (for face and body treatments) to exfoliate the top layers of dead cells (using safe and clean diamond heads - not blasting salt, aluminum oxide or particulates) and simultaneously infuse unique Cosmeceutical topical solutions to treat most common skin conditions. Using this UNIQUE technology, scientifically proven, EnDouceur is able to produce faster and more targeted results.

DERMOLISSAGE, a breakthrough Technology is delivered through a patented handpiece (with a choice of 11 grades of Diamond heads) gently performing a controlled and safe exfoliation of the stratum corneum (top layer of the skin), concurrently infusing clinically-proven sophisticated topical solutions for more genuine, beautiful and faster outcomes: starting from 6 sessions.

Treat your skin with the newest Diamond based DermoLissage, the only "Wet Abrasion" procedure - for true results!

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